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I've read all these threads and others I've found elsewhere, but I haven't seen any final evaluations or opinions as to the performance of these vehicles.  That doesn't mean they're not out there, but I just haven't found 'em yet.  So how did the suspension geometry work out, and how does the car handle?  From what I've read, there are at least 10 chassis in existence now, maybe not all on the road yet, but enough for some kind of evaluation.  Any quarter mile or 0-60 times?  Which engines seem to work best?  I haven't read how the V8 turned out.  Did the extra weight out-weigh the extra horsepower, trading handling for straight-line performance, or is it just too much hp for such a light car?  Inquiring minds, ya know...

Also, have these cars created enough demand to continue their development and production?  I am quite interested, but not really in a position to be getting one right away.  What are the chances they'll still be available in a few years?  It'd be sad to see such planning and beautiful workmanship discontinued for lack of interest or profit.  I think the Mako is a styling improvement over the Atom, and in a league way above the 818.  Thank you Pook.


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Thank you!!
Pound for pound as well as HP/Dollar you just cant beat the little Suby motor....Ive tried!
With 300/350 hp on tap with very little work or expense to the motor and a 1600lb car the power to weight is crazy!
In fact I feel the 260/290hp stock Suby turbo motor is MORE than enough.
There are only 8 built and two are still here, The rest being worked on by their owners and at different levels of completion....I imagine most will be running this spring???
I wish I could answer the "Still available" question. My feeling is until more TR's hit the road the demand will remain spotty at best, I have two to build after the two I have here leave and that may be it for a bit as they just take so long to fab and occupy a lot of real-estate in a shop were the demand currently is European and Vintage repair.
If I continue they may be available in RACE trim for a discounted price and if the owners choose to add fenders, lights, cup holders, etc... they can, that would lessen the cost and the build time for me and "maybe" make it worth the time it takes to hand fab them.
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